Delete file or directory with names with special characters

To delete files with names with special charactes, who can't be deleted by simply issuing a simple rm command, porceed with the following method. 

In the following example I suppose to have to delete a directory with the following name


created by an attack on a site in /var/www

  1. Find the inode of the file or the directory you want to delete with the following command
    ls -ilath /var/www
  2. Delete the file with the inode you found with the previous command
    find . -inum 101004 -exec rm {} \;

Change default crontab editor on Ubuntu

Change default crontab editor on Ubuntu

When you edit crontab for the first time on a Linux Ubuntu you will be asked which editor you want to use.

If you want to chage your first choice, maybe after adding another editor to your Ubuntu installation you may issue the following command